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Sausages - sold in packs of 6, 500g (approx.)


Cumberland Lamb & Mint Pork & Apple Lamb & Garlic Pork & Leek

Pork & Rosemary Lincoln (sage) Smoked Garlic & Ham

Thick pork (plain)   Thin pork (plain) Honey & mustard   Venison

Turkey & cranberry Chicken & chive Gloucester    Hot & Spicy

Caramelised red onion    Gluten Free

Burgers - sold in packs of 4, pack weight approx 500g

Tasty beef & onion   Lamb & mint Chilli Chicken Turkey Pork & apple

 Lamb Sharma    Lamb & Garlic

Marinated meat - sold in 500g (approx.) packs

Pork strips - hot & spicy Pork strips - smokey BBQ

Pork strips - Sallys special chinese style sauce Sticky mint lamb chops

Chicken breast fillets - hot & spicy  Chicken breast fillets - smokey BBQ

Chicken breast fillets - Sallys special chinese style sauce


Lamb kofte kebabs - 4 kebabs per pack Chicken yakatori satays - 9 satays per pack

Lamb & Mint kebabs - 4 kebabs per pack

Hand made marinated kebabs available to order. 500 grm diced meat packed in various marinades to make your own kebabs with a difference! Please use form on special order page

Pork Ribs for the BBQ - sold by weight

Sally's special asian sauce Hot & Spicy Smokey Barbeque


Ham Products - sold in 500g (approx.) packs

Back bacon (unsmoked)  Back bacon (smoked) Black pudding

Streaky bacon (unsmoked) Streaky bacon  (smoked) Gammon steaks 2 x 250 grm

Gammon joints (with crackling) - to roast. Please order this item, stating weight required, via form on the special order page.

Boneless leg pork, rind-on.€10 per kilo Please order this item, stating weight required, via form on the special order page.

Pies & Pasties

Melton Mowbray pie Cornish pastie Meat & Potato pie

Savoury mince pie Cheddar cheese & onion pie Chicken & mushroom pie

Smoked ham chicken & sweetcorn pie Steak & kidney pie Steak & ale pie

Pork pie Jumbo sausage roll Spicy minced beef curry pastie Chicken curry pie



Chicken Curry Korma Chicken Curry Madras Lamb Curry Korma Lamb Curry Madras

Ready Meals

Beef casserole in rich wine sauce Chicken in a White Wine and Mushroom Sauce

Cubed Pork in a Fruit and White Wine Sauce Chilli Con Carne Pancit noodles

Frikedella (pork and beef balls) in Tomato Sauce   Meat samosas Vegetable samosas 

Meat spring rolls Vegetable spring rolls Onion bhajis

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